Boom Kids Worship (K-3rd Grade) is offered during the 9:30AM service only

Children are precious at Apex Baptist. Taking to heart Jesus' own love for children, Apex Baptist seeks to help build strong, Christ-centered families. All of our Peak City Kidz classes and activities seek to help children experience acceptance, engage in Biblical learning, have fun, and express their faith. Our BOOM! service features gospel-centered teaching (we use The Gospel Project curriculum which goes through the Bible every 3 years), kid-friendly worship music, and other resources such as videos, guest speakers, etc., to help our kids have a Bible-centered, fun, and engaging time. 

Our mission is to partner with parents as they build a strong spiritual foundation for their children — teaching them to impact their world for Christ.

Kids Life Groups (K-3rd & 4th - 5th) are offered during the 9:30AM service only

If you would like for your child to be in a smaller setting with more focused teaching time, we encourage your child to attend the Life Group of their current grade. These groups also work through our curriculum called The Gospel Project. There is grade appropriate teaching, activities, and discussion time. The Life Group for 4th and 5th graders is called Flyte. We recognize that Flyte participants are in a transitional phase to becoming students, and the class is structured to provide a stepping stone between an elementary class format and a middle school format. 

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Worshipping at Home Resources - Sundays

We are so glad that we are able to partner with you during this unique period of time to provide resources that can help you engage your child in processing our Sunday sermons and keep up with our current Life Group Bible lessons. Below you will find links to various resources that can help you with continuing worship at home. 

We've made some changes for easier access to our resources. Here are the current links:

Upcoming Week:

8.15.21 Worship/Teaching Resource

Sunday Sermon Livestream

Sunday Sermon - Kids' Note Taking Guide

Kids' Sermon Activity Page

Kids' Coloring Page


Discipleship at Home - Mid-Week Options

We are super excited to announce that we now have 2 different, mid-week options for family worship at home, which are available for preschoolers through the 5th grade! Our recommendation is that you choose one option for your family to focus on. Below is a brief description of each option with a link to register for the option that you choose:

OPTION #1: THE GOSPEL PROJECT FOR KIDS - Is a free, comprehensive, customizable option that includes step by step instructions, Bible reading, discussion topics, videos, worship songs, and more. There are separate video options for preschoolers or older children, and you can easily adjust the materials to your child's age level. You will need to create a free account with LifeWay after you register to have access to the materials (instructions are in the registration form).

CLICK HERE to register for your free, Gospel Project content.


OPTION #2: AWANA - Is a comprehensive club for 2 year olds through 5th grade. Although we are not able to meet in person, we would like to assist your child in continuing their studies from the Awana books if you choose this option. We are offering these books for free (however, we have limited quantities, so please request only the book(s) that your child or children currently need).

CLICK HERE to register for your free, Awana book(s)