Next Gen

APX KIDS - Available during the 9:00 Service

Apex Families,

We are so excited that our kids are able to meet in classes again! Here's what you need to know during this current season:

  • Capacity Limits
  1. Each classroom has a capacity limit. Once that limit is reached, no other children will be able to check into that class.
  2. Please know that we will continually be evaluating the need to open additional classrooms.
  • Health Precautions
  1. Mask use for children and volunteers is no longer required with the exception of our special needs class, SHINE.  
  2. We are no longer checking temperatures but ask that parents not bring any children to class who have a fever or are displaying signs of illness. We are continuing to give each child either hand sanitizer prior to entering their class, or ask that they wash their hands when they first walk into class.   
  • Check-In
  1. We now have 2 check-in locations. One at the Main Street, Peak City Kidz hall entrance, and one in the alcove next to the back parking lot Main Street entrance.
  2. At each check-in point, there are ipads for you to self check-in your children, and we also have one volunteer that can help you check in if needed.
  3. Check-in labels will be printed for all children going into a classroom (preschool - 5th grade).
  4. Parents will receive for each child, 1 name label to place on the child, 1 name label to keep, and 1 pickup label to keep.
  5. Preschool children must enter through the Peak City Kidz hall doors (at the front Main Street area).
  6. BOOM and Flyte children must enter through the alcove doors next to the back parking lot Main Street entrance. 
  7. For preschool children, a designated volunteer will escort your child and any belongings to their classroom. 
  8. For preschool children, please limit and clearly label any personal items (backpacks, jackets, Bibles, etc.). 
  9. For younger preschool children, please do not bring any sippy cups from home. We are providing disposable sippy cups to reduce the spread of germs. 
  • Pick-Up
  1. When ready to pick-up a child, please return to the check-in point they were dropped off at.
  2. A volunteer will ask to see your pick-up label and call on a walkie for your child to be brought to you.
  3. Another volunteer will then bring your child and their belongings to you.
  4. If you have children in both Preschool and either BOOM or Flyte, you will need to pick up at both drop off locations. 

Please know that if you would like your child or children to continue worshipping with you in the Worship Center, you are more than welcome to do so. We will continue to provide kid friendly resource bags to aid their worship experience. 






Apex Baptist Next Generation Ministries (birth–12th grade) exists to partner with families to awaken every generation to impact their world for Christ.

We believe that the Bible teaches that the church and the family are called to work together to see our kids and students come to faith in Christ and continue to grow in him. Our aim is to partner with families through ministry and resourcing to see those hopes and prayers become a reality.

Apex Baptist’s discipleship process for children progresses through age-appropriate ministries we call “phases.” Every ministry phase is designed to equip parents and engage the next generation with the gospel so that they love Jesus wholeheartedly.

Phase 1: Nursery (ages 0–2)

Goal: To help parents embrace their role as the primary discipler of their kids. To help kids experience the love of Christ in a safe environment that fosters spiritual growth at home.

Events/Programs: Peak City Kidz nursery

Milestone Event: Child Dedication—a celebration of parents’ commitment to disciple their children to love Christ.

Phase 2: Preschool (ages 3–5)

Goal: To engage kids with the beauty of Christ by introducing themes of the gospel through Scripture. To engage parents in the pursuit of a family worship time at home.

Events/Programs: Peak City Kidz preschool, AWANA, Kindergarten Konfidential, Kids Summer Camp

Phase 3: Elementary (grades K–5)

Goal: To provide avenues for kids to see the whole story of God in Scripture, especially through Bible knowledge and memorization. To provide outlets for parents to disciple their kids in the fruit of the gospel.

Events/Programs: Elementary life groups, FLYTE, AWANA, BOOM! Kids Worship, Kids Summer Camp, Faith Milestone, family mission trips

Phase 4: Middle School (grades 6–8)

Goal: To reach, equip, and disciple students and parents to understand not just the “what” but also the “why” of the gospel and its implications in the life of every believer (godly character, healthy relationships, love for others, prayer and Bible study, living on mission).

Events/Programs: Student life groups, Wednesday Student Worship, Parent Talks, META, Crossroads Summer Camp, Sixth Grade Set Up, mission trips

Phase 5: High School (grades 9–12)

Goal: To fully equip students for every good work in Christ Jesus as they live life on mission. To help parents begin the process of launching students into their next season of life.

Events/Programs: Student life groups, META, Crossroads Summer Camp, short-term missions, corporate worship, Freedom Milestone, Graduate Celebration